Details of oxygen generator for better combustion

2017-09-23 12:14

oxygen generator for better combustion

HTO Series PSA oxygen generator machine adapt to high-quality seolite as adsorption, according to PSA theorem, making up the oxygen direct from air. When the adsorption of impurities such as nitrogen adsorption column reaches a certain degree, reduces the pressure zeolite desorption, so that adsorbent regeneration, can be recycled. Using two adsorption columns under the PLC control, cycle working, a continuous output of high-quality oxygen.
Technical Features
1. Perfect process design, Optimal use of results
2. Adoption of new technology oxygen and constantly optimize the device design, reducing energy consumption and capital investment
3. Simple operation, running stability, high autoimmunization, can running without people
4. Unique molecular sieve protection measures, to extend the life of seolite
5. Oxygen emptying automatic interlock devices, to ensure product quality and nitrogen.
6. Chose oxygen installation flow, automatic control system of purity, remote monitoring systems and so on.
Technical Data
Oxygen flow= 5-200% Oxygen purity= 93+ 2%
Oxygen pressure= 0.2-0.3MPa Dew point= -40 Degrees Celsius ( Atmospheric pressure)
electric steelmaking, waste water treatment, nonferrous metals smelt, Cut the construction field, Petrochemical industry, industrial oxygen, ore processing, drinking water.

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oxygen generator for better combustion


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